• 26th December
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Today was the first day of an entire week off from both work AND school. Although I only have seven days to myself until I need to be back at my desk, I feel like a giddy kid who has her entire summer break ahead. It is so rare to have nothing to do…so luxurious and lovely. Instead of traveling, we decided to take a Staycation: lots of staying in and relaxing at home.

In order to maximize this time, I immediately made a to-do list, all starting with the letter S.

1. Slow cooking. The gas in my building has been shut off for over three months (long story), so I’ve developed quite a fond relationship with my slow cooker. In fact, I lovingly call her my wife because when I get home from work, she’s got dinner waiting for me. In the last two days, my “wife” has cooked: a brown sugar ham, creamed corn and now she’s gently simmering split pea soup. The apartment smells divine. Up next is my re-creation of a delicious bolognese sauce made for me by my friend and fellow B-School Babe Chris, founder of S2S Advisory and a Thunderbird MBA.

2. Schoolbook selling. I’m a big fan of selling my textbooks Amazon.com, mainly because they gave me a year of Amazon Prime for FREE as a student (now available at a 50% discount), but also because I can list my books at really great prices. My accounting textbook brought in $150, probably because it was still in “pristine condition.” Yes, that says a lot about how studious I am.

3. Sing-a-longing. My husband bought a guitar and is learning to master it for a part that he’s playing on stage next month. Although I’m not the one singing in the house, I get to be the recipient and subject matter of his renditions of blues songs, improvised lyrics and general silliness inspired by the instrument. The last song that crossed his lips was his version of Otherside by Red Hot Chili Peppers.

4. Sports clubbing. My beloved yoga studio recently closed it doors and I’ve been practicing yoga in my living room on my own, but it is time that I try to find a new fitness center. I will be activating a trial pass for a nearby New York Sports Club tomorrow. Elliptical and free weights, here I come.

5. Shower registering. I’m not big on shopping, but I’d like to take this next week to complete my baby registries while I have time to read reviews on baby products, a shopping category that is totally foreign to me. I simply don’t know enough about which car seat or breast pump or swaddling blanket is better…and I tend to be a picky eco-snob, which complicates matters. If anyone has suggestions on what to buy or even pre-made list of “must haves,” I’m all ears. Show me the way, mamas.

Looks like I’ve got a packed week ahead. Of course, along with these five things, I plan to do plenty of Sleeping and Snuggling as well.

Happy Holidays, everyone! Hope you’re enjoying your time off too.

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